Working as part of the Herbalife Team, I am blessed to be able to work when I want to work, in the way that suits me best personally. Helping others to become healthier and happier using products that I love, use and trust; focussing on the good with likeminded, positive people means this does not feel like work!

I am always looking for lovely people brimming with untapped potential who are looking for a different, more healthy way to live and to work, and who believe that the sky is not the limit. Herbalife is in 95 countries and regularly organises events to unite its millions of members around the world. So the bigger your dreams, the better. I love helping people discover what they never knew they could achieve.

Herbalife seeks to build heathier, happier, more prosperous communities. From Fit Clubs to SKIN care pamper parties, from Nutritional Support at Gyms to Nutrition Clubs for Mums, what could you do? If you get a buzz from helping your local community, if you want to push yourself to grow into a leader, and if you want to be in control of your own income by being your own boss, contact me by email and let's arrange a meeting.

Send your name and country of residence to:

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If you live in the UK, you can register online here. You will be timed out after 20 mins.

Some essential information to complete the form:

Country of Residence: UK - English

Sponsor's Herbalife ID number: 07063090

First 3 letters of Sponsor's last name: ENG

Purchased a Herbalife Member's Pack from your sponsor?: No

You will need to provide the number of your passport or drivers license.

Please also complete your delivery address and your card details to receive your Herbalife Member's Pack.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on +44 7940 35 89 35

I look forward to working with you to create your successful future!



No. You do not need any qualifications to get started with us. We are here to teach you everything you need to be successful through local and online trainings, one-to-one mentoring and personal development. We are looking for teachable, positive and responsible individuals.


You will helping other people with their health and body goals, starting with your friends, colleagues, gym buddies and family. In the process we will help you improve your own fitness and health. With our support you will also grow into a successful business person, we love to create leaders. This is a hugely rewarding job that gives you a great deal of passion and life satisfaction. When you love being healthy and love helping others, it does not feel like work.


The great thing about our company is that you get to decide what you make. We have an incredible coaches payment plan which means that as you move up to a higher level coach you get paid more, with no upper limits. The reward scheme is also incredible, with free vacations and annual trips for everybody who excels. You can move as fast or slow to these positions depending on how you wish to fit being a Coach into your life. You have no boss telling you how much you must do, you work when you want to work.


The future of working for many people is what we do now: we can work from anywhere. You will be based where you live right now with the opportunity to travel as much or as little as you want. We live stream workouts, nutrition trainings, community events and business building seminars, and we will also connect you to your local regional success seminars.


We provide all the training you need to be the top coach. You will have one-to-one training from me. I will plug you into our incredible training structure where we have weekly calls, live events in all the countries and vacation trainings.


To get registered as a coach requires a one-off payment of just £37 (different countries vary). This gets you licensed to be a health coach in all of the 95 countries we operate in, access to training by top nutrition scientists and opens you up to an incredible way of living and working.