Herbalife Chia Seed Pudding Pot

My new favourite way to start the day.



Breakfast should never, ever be boring! Check out what I had today... Herbalife Chia Seed Pudding! It's so simple, you could make it for breakfast tomorrow:

The night before:

- Pour a couple of centimetres of Chia Seeds into your pot, glass or bowl

- Add enough water to cover all the seeds and stir.

- Kiss it goodnight and leave it in the fridge.

The morning after:

- Say hello to your plumped up Chia Seeds & take them out of the fridge.

- Blend a nice thick Herbalife shake (using less liquid than normal)

- Using a bowl scraper to help, decant the thick shake on top of the Chia Seeds.

Enjoy with a spoon!