Suffering is NOT allowed

If you are like me, you have suffered for years thinking that getting your 'perfect' body

requires starvation, sacrificing tasty food and suffering. I'm here to tell you differently.


I'm about to de-bunk a very dangerous myth. Please read this carefully!

The majority of us (including me in the past) have tried to lose weight by eating less than normal, waiting ages before our next meal and 'embracing' the hungry feeling, in an attempt slim down by starving our bodies. I'm here to tell you that this method actually causes the OPPOSITE to happen. Starvation switches on 'Fat Storing Mode'!

I've never been very overweight (thanks to a lifetime of Herbalife), but I did used to be a bit thicker around the middle and much less toned. This was because I wasn't educated on how to effectively kick fat's butt!!  When I ate less in an attempt to get slimmer, I actually ended up just teaching my body to survive on less food per day.

I had forced my body to SLOW the process of burning food down, in order to make it last longer. If I did lose any weight at all, it was muscle and not fat, so I didn't get more toned. And on top of that, whenever I did over indulge, I saw the weight pile on straight away! What a waste of effort. It was impossible to keep this up.

I'd reached a point where I had to wait 6 hours before I'd feel hungry again, which was really annoying, because I love to eat and felt that I couldn't eat unless I felt hungry. Then by dinnertime I'd eat too much because I'd missed food all day, and ended up picking on too much stuff after dinner too.

So... too much food at dinner after a day of starvation, into a body that's been forced into Fat Storing Mode? Recipe for failure!

Then I learned that you should NEVER let your body reach this point of hunger if you want to tone up. You should eat something containing protein every 3 hours. PLAN it, so that you don't panic and pick at the biscuits!

By keeping your body topped up and nourished throughout the day, it's happy! Your body starts to learn that food will never be far away. So when starvation is no longer a risk, your body gets on with burning food FASTER. YAY!

I started keeping my body topped up constantly, by eating every couple of hours.

As a consequence of changing my eating habits for the better, I have LOST body fat, gained more muscle (because I'm eating more protein), gained more energy, and I now have more of an appetite than ever, which is great news for someone who loves to eat like me!

Now I am much more toned and happy with my body, and a big meal doesn't even show too much (no more 'food baby') because my body digests the food nice and quickly, so nothing sits around in my stomach for long. = great digestive health.

So I have great news for you. You can eat! Starving and suffering are NOT allowed on this Programme ❌

By following our meal and snack suggestions, and by giving your body ALL the nutrients it needs thanks to your Herbalife Nutrition Programme, and by eating regularly, you will be teaching your body to LET GO of fat in an easy and pain free way.

Let's give it a go!

Lucie x